The New Australian Quality Framework

The QualSim Framework is an emerging, useful standard for simulation in an Australian healthcare training context.

Developed in consultation with industry, adherence ensures high-quality training environments for people who save lives.

  • A useful standard
  • Efficient accreditation
  • Based on credible research
  • Continually improved

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How are standards created?

The QualSim Framework is a credible standard, produced in consultation with industry. Read on to find out more about its creation.

Who Decides?

The QualSim Framework is an industry standard. It is continually evolving to reflect the current best-practice, and feedback from experts who want to become involved is warmly welcomed.

Latest News

The QualSim Framework is being debuted at the Australasian Simulation Congress in September 2016.

Please come along and check out our micro-booth to learn more about the framework and our easy online accreditation process!

Latest News

Raven Consulting are owed our thanks for authoring the QualSim Framework.

In a process spanning over 2 years, Raven consulting have worked closely with Simulation Australasia and simulation training centres to produce an effective, credible standard.

Latest News

Starting in October 2016 we will be offering selected pilot sites a chance to undertake an online audit free of charge.

This audit will produce useful operational insights, and feedback will help ensure the quality of the online audit process.

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