The QualSim Framework provides a clear and convenient measuring stick to ensure our organisation is following best practice. We also gain positioning as a forward-thinking and industry-engaged organisation.
  • Find out how your team measures up
  • Have your organisation recognised
  • Receive actionable, useful feedback
  • Support continual improvement

Click here to download and read-through the QualSim 2016 Standard. Please note you will need a PDF Viewer to open this document.


Latest News 22-09-2016

The QualSim Framework is being debuted at the Australasian Simulation Congress in September 2016.

Please come along and check out our micro-booth to learn more about the framework and our easy online accreditation process!

Latest News 22-09-2016

Raven Consulting are owed our thanks for authoring the QualSim Framework.

In a process spanning over 2 years, Raven consulting have worked closely with Simulation Australasia and simulation training centres to produce an effective, credible standard.

Latest News 22-09-2016

Starting in October 2016 we will be offering selected pilot sites a chance to undertake an online audit free of charge.

This audit will produce useful operational insights, and feedback will help ensure the quality of the online audit process.